Hong Kong Song

  Social Media Rant Writing for a throwback travel is more gratifying than coming up with a real time story. That’s the case, at least for me. In this digital-first age, where *snap*snap*snap* every thing has to be done right away and social media show-off’s addicts posting every single second of their lives having their visas approved … More Hong Kong Song

The Allure of Singapore

Ever since I grew a fondness for travel, Singapore was my one and only target as my first international destination. Photogenic in its modernity, fun with the cushions of safety, and educational for a global consciousness – are the reasons why. After incessant goings back and forth airline pages and dates that your fellow adventurers … More The Allure of Singapore

A QG to a QG : Cebu

A Quick Guide to a Quality Getaway. For a weekend without any holiday or leave approved in the office, make no mistake. This blog should have been titled “Why Cebu is the Top Destination for a Holiday” but naaah. Sugbu (Cebu’s old name) or Zubu (its old Spanish name) has the best white beaches in … More A QG to a QG : Cebu