The Allure of Singapore

Ever since I grew a fondness for travel, Singapore was my one and only target as my first international destination. Photogenic in its modernity, fun with the cushions of safety, and educational for a global consciousness – are the reasons why. After incessant goings back and forth airline pages and dates that your fellow adventurers can agree on, some places need the right timing to conquer, and most “plans” when over-planned JUST. DOES NOT. HAPPEN. Things do not usually turn out as envisioned and it became the fourth territory I visited.

Fact or Myth? You cannot see any trash in the streets of SG. The truth is there are a lot of trash bins, like three in one block, but it’s too exaggerated to say that pavements are too squeaky clean enough for you to sleep on. Littering and spitting is prohibited by law, but, apparently there’s a slight percentage of those not abiding.

Fact or Myth? Singaporeans walk fast and will call out tourists who slow them down. The fact that my left knee hurt so much on my second day in the country, I did not experience any rudeness. I find them very polite and assist you if they see LOST written all over your face. Maybe it’s because I heard this statement from people who just walk too slow or I’m just so used to speed walking in Manila. Just to add that their escalators are way faster than the ones we have in the PH.

Fact or Myth? Singapore is a safe country, and you wont get lost. This is my favorite statement, because it is so evident. Their MRT is fast and efficient. A purchase of an EZ Link Card as a reusable and reloadable access to their trains and buses helps. Transfers are easy with the aid of multi-lingual voice prompts, maps, signs, arrows, and an MTR application you can download on your smart phone. Validation of this is that I had the feel of using the train alone without any hassle. In terms of being lost, the variables were asking around and the constants were relying on the map – we get the wrong instructions from people than just following the signs. The atmosphere was free of any harm whatsoever.

I loved my #YourSingapore experience because it was truly “mine”. It is a place that will offer so much things to do, you can customize your itinerary whatever suits your personality. I am confident that I can go back there alone without worries of not being able to reach Point B C D from Point A.

The allurements:

Have a free chair massage at the Changi Airport




A long haul flight did not stop us from having a fun night out at Clarke Quay



Breakfast at the hip cafes in Haji Lane

pixlr_20170729163717756Processed with VSCO with hb1 presetpixlr_20170729165308259pixlr_20170729170606791Processed with VSCO with hb1 presetpixlr_20170729170410871


Touristy posing in Touristy spots at Marina Bay (plus a stroll at The Shoppes)



Lights of learning from technologic exhibits at the Art Science Museum



Avatar feels at Gardens by the Bay



A day out at Sentosa where you can bask in the warmth of the beach or explore

Universal Studios

IMG_20170602_183307_487pixlr_20170729181106017pixlr_20170729175447370pixlr_20170729175936250pixlr_20170729175141852Processed with VSCO with m5 presetpixlr_20170729175757584pixlr_20170729180618042


Marina Bay and Helix Bridge by Night



Eat laksa with kaya bread and milk tea



Random bus rides and everyday night walks at the red light districts of Geylang

pixlr_20170729184804190pixlr_20170729185514993Processed with VSCO with j6 presetpixlr_20170729190036273pixlr_20170729185222785


Shop at Orchard Road

pixlr_20170729190857427Processed with VSCO with b5 preset

The reason why Singapore did not become my first out of the country flight did not reveal itself, but it became my first out of the country blog. With that, my heart kind of settles in a very calm and happy place.

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