Hong Kong Song

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Social Media Rant
Writing for a throwback travel is more gratifying than coming up with a real time story. That’s the case, at least for me. In this digital-first age, where *snap*snap*snap* every thing has to be done right away and social media show-off’s addicts posting every single second of their lives having their visas approved and their current locations, having a reflective and contemplative post on what has occurred and what is to come for your travel life is more necessary. Often misconstrued, we all were part of that population and essentially as a part of today’s generation, we used social media as a game and a tool to present our “realities”. Now, everyone is entitled to their opinions and practice their freedom of speech, or rather, freedom to bully and bash, I think it is high time to really tell ourselves that NOT EVERYTHING IS MEANT TO BE POSTED (RIGHT AWAY).


Travel Memories Through Beats
It is funny how certain songs can bring out a certain emotion more so that it can bring back pictures of the places you’ve been to and the person you shared that experience with. You know that feeling when Alanis’ Ironic plays, and you see yourself in first grade? Total Nostalgia.

In my older and hopefully wiser self, I find writing  in hindsight very helpful. Ameliorating to remember. To taper some doses of being overly giddy and social media sharing to just taking photos worth printing (or posting really), and just breathing in each moment.



One Dance
Ten years after the first ever Disneyland nearest Southeast Asia launched and after twenty years of friendship, my best friend, Penny and I visited Hong Kong. Dauntless, though both were feeling under the weather. One  feels a little numbness somewhere and the other having viral infection. That day brought the child in me earlier than expected because I did not know the Disneyland MTR had a Disney theme with glass windows with the shape of Mickey Mouse’s face. So that was a little bit extra Lol.
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Philharmagic and Hyperspace Mountain – the best ride!

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Disneyland MTR
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Rain or Shine Theme Park OOTD: (Gray Hair just for fun) SAIGON singlet from Vietnam, Gray Long Sleeve Shirt from Cotton On, White Shorts from ASOS, Socks from Iconic, New Balance Sneakers.
Much to our excitement in taking photos, just when the train closed its doors, I took the chance to jump and exited while Penny got stuck there. I almost had a panic attack without any local sim to use and language barrier issues with the train guy explaining to me that the Disneyland MTR route is one way so I should be expecting Penny from the next train back, but noooooo. To my relief, she got out from the second train.

It was in the same route back to Tsim Sha Tsui that we had that funny ESP moment. I was humming Drake’s One Dance. “That’s exactly the same song playing in my head!”

Now everytime it plays I remember the scene – of the train and the mix-up and how cool it is to ride a Disney-themed MTR looking down at the HK Chinese Cemetery.


A Whole New World
I found it a little funny when friends told me that you could cry when you go to the, ironically, happiest place on earth. Unexpectedly, I found myself teary-eyed watching Mickey’s Philharmagic 4D Film Show especially when Aladdin and Jasmine were watching the “whole new world” from above flying on a magic carpet singing.
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Mickey’s Philharmagic
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Aladdin and Jasmine

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It’s a Small World!

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Can You Feel the Love Tonight
If someone asks me what my favorite Disney movie is, without a doubt, I would answer Lion King. To witness a live theater performance of Simba’s journey to claim his throne was more than I can imagine. I was in utter awe, sucked in their world, recording the whole show saving space for me to replay it when I come home. Scenes of Nala air dancing in dim light singing to Elton John’s OST – left me wide-eyed like my six year old self.

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Look here, Elsa!
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I think the red HK taxis inspired the “Cars” movie.


Never Be Like You
Flume’s song just came out that month and it was the first song on my playlist. I remember it as the first song I always play everyday in Hong Kong. It’s chime-ish intro was such a good match to the Chinese-Asian feel the city had. Instead of doing a full-on cityscape tour, we agreed on visiting Ngong Ping village to have a taste of the culture, ride the 360 Cable Car, and see the big buddha. Starting the early walks and listening while on bus rides gives a perfect memory that was – of sights and sounds!
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Tian Tan Buddha

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OOTD: Cold day – Bomber Jacket from Brett, Pants from Topman. Boots from DM’s.


I Love You Always Forever
Originally by Donna Lewis, Betty Who’s 2016 version of it was a perfect recommendation by my bestie. As 90’s kids, we grew up jamming to this song. The vibe reminds me of my bestfriend’s taste in music and her personality – hip, cutesie, airy, effervescent, prismatic, and catchy which can put anyone in good mood. Instantly downloading it in our hostel, we travelled with this song, too. Conversations about love at that time was reminiscent of our pre-tita days when we were always updated with matters of the heart. So when she asked me, “Is that person worth it?” I’ll just play this song instead. 2016 was a year of transfiguration for me, and for what its ‘worth’, I now learned the three steps to move forward: Remind (that something good is to come), Release and Do not Resist, and Generate Gratitude.
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Hong Kong MTR

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Flag Shot!
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Tim Ho Wan
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OOTD: Light Pink and Chambray to go with 2016’s Serenity and Rose Quartz


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Causeway Bay

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On the way to Victoria Peak.

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It is easier to make a vlog or a slideshow with photos and songs just to present what really transpired and how amazing the trip was. I just like to be more traditional and use words and collages as a form of expression. I guess Hong Kong was very celebratory of our now-more-than-two-decades friendship. It was there that my cravings for clean hyper-urban lights and theme parks were filled, but, more than anything, that is where I tried to make a trip about conversations, moments, and the person you are with, and not only about what part of the world you are walking on.


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