always corON my mind

“It was perfect!” was my reply when asked of how my trip went.

Prayer granted for a sunny weather all throughout, heart embraced the use of a flexible and feasible itinerary after years of timebound X days versus multiple sights to see, and it was my first solo trip set on my birthday!

Just a few points on how this trip was perfectly imperfect, I will always go back to trying my hardest to plan a travel flow but being open to sudden changes caused by weather or suggestions by locals and balancing it out with the 150% energy to maximize the things I want to see.

Coron is “wild” as what one of the tourists from the States said while swimming in the Twin Lagoon. It was a visual sensory pleasure. I float through lakes feeling my body becoming an extension of water. The glowing fish and moving jellylike corals that can be seen in deep or even shallow waters of Pass Island. Ruins we see on land can be mirrored in ship wrecks underwater.

I did come back to Palawan and I smile with the thought that whatever our hearts desire we subconsciously make it come true. The beach is almost everyone’s happy place. And everytime we come and go to it, we always have a home waiting for us. Gaining friends from these perfect places and acquiring skills and experiences are the top reasons why we travel.

“It’s not where you go, it’s how you feel in a moment in your life when you’re part of something. If you find that moment, it lasts forever.” – The Beach. I was anxious before I went, but my beliefs and trust never failed me. The people I met were great and we bonded though we only had a few days.

Talk about sustainable tourism when you learn that some locals would claim that there is corruption in their hometown. Seafood has a high cost and some parts of the place were not maintained. For example, as a tricycle driver pointed out, the rocky path to Maquinit Springs… A tourist pays 200 Php to have a hot bath, but the transit will be uncomfy because a high price does not mean road repairs will happen. It would be nice if provinces with such a high demand and an expensive price to spend a holiday at would also take care of its locals. If only those in position would also think that their gain would also be for the progress and benefit of their locals. I was kinda appalled when I asked the front desk guy of my hostel which island was his favourite in Coron. Guess what? He is a local of Coron, but he has not been in those islands in contrast with foreigners and tourists that went there just on that day and already touring the best scenes the islands has to offer!

What I love about keeping friends from my travels is that you get tips for your next travels. A friend from my Baler adventure recommended Seahorse Guesthouse Coron for accomodation and Be Cool Travel and Tours for the daily activities. The hostel was great! I did not spend much but it was clean, safe, and has a good location. The travel agency was not topnotch but it had a good mix of places and more locations to visit in a day as compared to other agencies. They may not be on time and encountered minor mishaps, but we went to all the places they put in the schedule, so that’s what I liked most.

So here’s the itinerary and expenses for the trip:


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