Five Faves For a La Union Weekender

2017-03-16-10.39.44-1.jpg.jpegLet me start off with a quote that I really like: “Forgiving the memories you cannot forget creates a new way to remember.” I read this from an Instagram post from one of the most amazing feeds I follow, @paulgerlach

It was that time of the year when your body longs for diving into the water and catching a little sun. As most beach-hungry people would say, “in dire need of Vitamin Sea!” That is how I felt end of November last year. Although my friends and I were looking for a Real Quezon trip, our excitement ceased when it got postponed twice. We had no idea where to go. I searched La Union thinking that the annual surf fest was over. Wrong- It was just going to start that weekend. Our prayers were answered. Beach please, and Beach granted.

Here’s what to love when you’re on a weekend in La Union:

1 Building a Tent and spend the night below the stars

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2 Chill Beach House Vibes at top cool spaces like Flotsam and Jetsam Hostel and Le Point Bar312

3 Waking up to a Sunless Sunrise
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4 Affordable Surf Experience after a crash course
5 Great beach resorts like Thunderbird!
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It was a first to set up a tent and sleep in for one whole night, and that wasn’t too shabby at all. A friend from my province also came with me so that added to the fun! After a struggle with the bus rides we finally arrived at Urbiztondo Beach, San Juan, La Union taking a Cubao to San Fernando Pampanga route, then from there to La Union. Well better to have two rides than not moving at all!
We drank and partied at Flotsam and Jetsam Hostel which totally had the beach hippie vibe that we wanted to experience. We also met Jasmine Curtis who was really sweet and down-to-earth! After enjoying the night and sleeping under the stars, we woke up to a beautiful sunrise. In celebration of the 11th Surfing Break, we tried surfing! It was my second time so I applied what I learned from my first time in Baler. The surfing spirit always has that effect to me to always put in mind that you have to force yourself to balance. It’s also like the way life is, you have to focus and will it to achieve it, but if the waves are too strong just like the obstacles we encounter, then let the waves throw you off and just stand up again! Whew, that’s deep. We also checked out Thunderbird Resorts and Casinos which was a major location for Anne Curtis’ epic movie, No Other Woman. Very in tune to meeting Jasmine Curtis, her sister, during the trip. We came to appreciate the Greek theme of the resort and it had an airy feel to it. The service could not stack up to other provincial resorts, too.
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La Union was a great beach trip. I hate the fact that good beaches in Luzon should be 3 to 4 hours away (or more) from the metro, but we really savored every moment of this adventure! I want to go back with a Baguio La Union itinerary this time especially that summer is approaching and I heard that there will be a Luau party in La Union this March 25, 2017! Summer is officially here.
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Let the waves

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